Who am I?

Who am I?

Experiences are what make a person. Whether it be good or bad, happy or sad, experiences define a person’s personality.

Mine is defined by coffee, poetry, food, and my work.

Who am I? Vasishta Chary

I am the founder of ThybookBox and Ascian Solutions. I volunteer with Headstart Network Foundation. I am also a product and community consultant and a user experience designer.

My extensive knowledge of the world and various industries gives me the ability to empathize with them better. As a result, I can create better experiences for users from across the fields.

Personally, I am a very laidback, cynical sort of person (though my content creator would like to portray otherwise). I like to believe in practicality and rationality. This does not mean that I don’t have my flair for dramatics. I love a good amount of dramatics. It needs a proper time and context.

As I said, a cup of perfectly brewed coffee is what makes my day. The perfect blend and the care that goes into the preparations is something I show in my work as well. Food, books, rain, poetry, anime,  you name it and I will most likely have an opinion on it.

Books are another aspect of my work that I love. Has anyone wondered why novels and reference books are so different? They both give the same amount of knowledge in different capacities. But it is knowledge nonetheless. Sci-Fi taught me more about the possibilities of the future than any science textbook. Pick the correct mythological adaptation, and I probably know more about that area than the reference book on it! Then why do libraries in colleges try to focus a student’s mind on academics, when there are more ways of learning? That is a question I am aiming to solve.

On that note, startups aren’t the only work I do. Most of my conversations are usually centered around productivity and how to manage one’s time. People often confuse time management with scheduling (which let me tell you, is NOT the same thing). Scheduling can be a part of it, but it is not synonymous with it. Productivity revolves around the idea of increasing efficiency. The method is yours, the output is better. I preach what I practice which allows me to understand when the niche problems that people might have.

Stemming from productivity, community building is another thing I am passionate about. To create careful interactions between people and to make them thrive is an art. To plan for that, Notion is a very useful tool I use in order communicating with various teams. It helps with scheduling, keeps me on track, and has great features for note-making.

One might think that I am just a geek about productivity and all the theoretical concepts. You might be right. But if there is one skill that everyone has, it is to learn. I am constantly learning, whether it is about books, theories, or the technical aspect of startups. As complicated as it may seem, technology is easy to understand. All I had to do was get used to it. It is interesting in its own way.

I am many things combined into one whole. I love to talk and spread this ability of productivity to whoever I can. In the end, I love learning as much as helping people with what I know.