Welcome to the Metaverse

Welcome to the Metaverse

Welcome to my metaverse - "meta" is defined as a prefix which that means after or beyond, to operate at a higher level, or change. "verse is writing arranged in a pattern, often feels random but has a rhythm to it, in Latin, it means to turn or shift.

Metaverse is a concept space where my thoughts (written ones) go beyond what is seen to bring a shift in things around me. Focused on bringing change in things i am focused in and things I am passionate about.

What are some things one can read about here?

Startups, Products, Community, Productivity, Education are some of the topics which will be largely covered here. The focus is not to spew pointless knowledge but to share personal opinions and experiences which can be valuable for people reading this.

I have Subscribed - What now?

Thank you for subscribing! It honestly means a lot, it means I am going in the right direction and providing value for you.

One huge perk of Subscribing is that you get all of my work sent to your inbox as well, which means you don't miss out on anything at all.

Second, you get early access (even free) to my notion templates, my course work, my playbooks, my canvas templates, and a chance to even work with me on some projects.